Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Return on Investment (ROI)

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From the Item Tab In Thermal Trend - Lean:


Item Window


Each Item documented in Thermal Trend – Lean has an associated Cost Benefit Analysis data table tracking items as follows:


By selecting an item from the list and pressing the CBA button


CBA Button

 the CBA window will open


CBA Window

You are able to track:

  1. Estimated Costs
    1. Before Failure vs. After Failure and estimated savings


  1. Actual Costs
  2. Real Savings
  3. Difference from estimated savings

Expenses / costs are measured against:

  • Labor Hours
  • Labor Rate
  • Parts Cost
  • Loss to Revenue

Setting up Default Values to be automatically used

Individual information can be entered for each item or you can define default values that will be used, when you create a new item / problem. These default valures are set in the Options/Setup window on the Cost/Benefit tab.  You can alway go into each of the indivusal items and adjust the values at anytime to more accurately reflect the correct nunbers for any problem at anytime.


Options Setup


Filtering Data  For Reporting


The tremendious flexibility of reporting is clearely deministrated in the many options that you can output the information from Thermal Trend - Lean. Once you have entered your values into the apporaprate fileds for each of the items/problems that you wish to provice CBA on, you can select the field that you want to have displayed in the list view of the Item tab.  You do this by selecting the Item Filter / "Display the Specifice Columns" that allows you to select what colunms to view on the Item tab / list of item fields.


Item Filter Dispaly Specific


Next select the Columns button




And the Choose Columns window will open where you can select what data fields that you want to have dispalyed in the list view of the Item tab.  This is a very powerfull feature of Thermal Trend - Lean where you can customize the user interface to dispaly what ever information that you want by selecting the columns to be displayed in the list view.  You are in control of the user interface!  There are many way that you can use this feature.  Once you have selected the fields that you want to have displayed.  Press the OK button and you will see the columns change to display the values that you have selected.


Thermal Choose Columns Window


Output to Reports/Report Format

Once you have selected what columns that you wish to display on the Item tab.  Just press the Export Button.


Export Button

And the Export Wizard dilog box will appear


Export Wizard

You can Export the data that is displayed in the columns that you have selected/filterd to:

*.txt (Text file format)  or

*.html (Hyper Text Markup language) file format.

that can be used in any of a nunber of word processing, spreed sheet, or CMMS programs like MS Wlord, Excel, Maximo, SAP...


Email Reporting Options

If you want to email  the CBA data straight out of Thermal Trend - Lean all you have to do is just press the "email button"


Email Button

and if you use Microsoft Outlook, you will have a HTML table inserted into a emal with all of the CBA values formated just like the way you selected, filterd and orders on the Item tab in Thermal Trend.


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