referencing/importing of existing data, past reports and image files

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Thermal Trend - Lean allows you to import past inspection data from MS Excel Spread sheets and MS Access database files.  Please see the topic for "Importing Data" for more information.


Electronic Documents Management System (EDMS) / Attachments

Over the many years of Thermal Trend - Leans evolution, we have always provided for the ability to attach any digital file to any level in the database hierarchy and can attach any number of files for referencing.  Today this task has been make even more simple by providing shortcuts that visually alert you to any attachments at any level in the database hierarchy.

EDMS System


  • Inspections

Past reports can be attached at the inspection level to provide a roll-up of documentation for inspections that have been done.

  • Sites

Data that is relative to a site, for example: AutoCad drawings, Instructions, Photos etc.

  • Locations

Any files that provide additional infomation about a specific location

  • Equipment

Equipment manuals, maintenance reports, photos, vibration / oil analysis results. etc.

  • Items-Incident Details including:

  • Thermal

  • Baseline

  • Visual

  • Roof

  • Corona

  • Ultrasound

  • Transformer

  • Regulator

  • Battery

  • Breaker

  • Pole Trending

  • Inspection Notes
  • specific information about findings, photos, video, audio files, etc.
  • Schedule Repair-Incident Details








    Any documents that pertain to the scheduling of repairs for example open workorders etc.

    • Repair Made-Incident Details

    Any documents about the repairs, close out work orders, photos etc.


    For example: to attach a FLIR report file (*.rep) ...



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